Accounts Payable / Receivable


Ray-Lo Bookkeeping has been providing bookkeeping services for more than three decades. We are a locally-owned business that is committed to reliable accounts receivable and accounts payable services in Winnipeg. We can help you track your bills, invoices, and more. Contact us today to book a free in-house consultation with our experts.

Accounts Payable


Track pay bills on time


Track vendor balances and due dates

With our computerized accounts payable system, we can keep track of your payables and make sure you are current with all payments. We enter the bills and keep track of the vendor balances and due dates. You can either pay the bills yourself or authorize us to pay them with computer cheques. After the cheques are printed, all you would have to do is meet with us and sign them. We can provide reports on how much you spent at each vendor and how much you still owe them.

Please ask us about the complete services we offer with our partner Telpay. Services could include bill payment and direct deposit options.

Accounts Receivable


Offer management of the receivables


We will call your customer for payment (if late)


Send monthly statements

Improve the efficiency of your customer invoicing and payments. Our accounts receivable system allows you to e-mail or fax invoice details. We enter the invoices into our system and mail them to your customers. Customer statements can be sent out at the end of every month. This is a good reminder to customers who owe you money. Interest can also be added for late paying customers. A current customer list can show you who owes money and how old the invoice on which they owe is. Ray-Lo Bookkeeping Services can also make your bank deposits for you. This ensures that your deposits are made promptly to keep a steady cash flow.